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Wrote a novel legnth fanfic once, got very mixxed reviews on it; but I'd be my main charactor. Sith Sorcerer Arcturas Darkstar. Idolized Revan, married a jedi master and set up a star kingdom of his own that even the emperor was cautious about messing with. Utterly pragmatic he mastered both light and dark and made a habit of capturing and indoctrinating people sent against him instead of killing them. Moddeled him largely off of the light side inquisitor story and Lord Gratham with his tech city.

Other than that, Revan, because he's ******. This is a guy who's known to juggle basalisk war droids for crying out loud. He was almost on even footing with the emperor and that guy ate entire planets complete with multibillion sentient populations and several dozen of the most powerful darth of the time.

Also the Wookie they had orrigionally planned to use for Vaders apprentice in force unleashed 2. The guy was hulk with lightning bolts and a LAZER sword. ZOMG!