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11.30.2012 , 11:25 PM | #163
I'm in full BM aug willpower, with some WH. Lightning/corruption hybrid. Chain lightning regularly hits for under 1k damage- some games I can't break a 2.5k crit.

That's just sad- our damage is atrocious, and not having a good DF and CL spec where CL got the madness proc bonus destroyed our burst entirely. Being able to chain CD, DF and CL together in a few seconds gave us something to EQUAL us to other classes- even then we weren't surpassing anyone except for on the overall damage charts- which was mostly because we had so many aoe and dots.

Now- I'm spamming 900 damage lightning strikes to throw out a chain lightning that'll average 1.5k damage- only for a sniper to hit me with a combo for 8k and a single smash to pop a full bubble and still do another 3k damage on top of it.

BW could double our damage and we'd STILL be the worst burst class- can you imagine the outrage if smash was hitting for 800 on non defensive CD targets?