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I'm not very fond of Vette, once I was able to I was quick to replace her, she does not fit well with a Sith. She whines way too much, and most of the darkside choices I've found fall under one of her dislikes.

Sith are by nature cruel. Thus is the reason why my affection for this companion will forever remain low.
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Here is an interesting bit of trivia, Vette is voiced by the same actress that played Mission in KOTOR; Catherine Taber.

Both of those are why I'm not a big fan of Vette, especially as a love interest. I actually switched out my male warrior for a female one when I found out that Vette was a love interest. She reminds me far too much of Mission - the 14 year old twi'lek - from KOTOR. (Now that I know who the VA is that conclusion makes more sense for me.) It felt too much like pedophilia. Vette's age isn't explicitly stated, but she certainly doesn't start out displaying the mannerisms of an adult.

The article talks a lot about how Vette makes dicey life choices, but those are all "from a certain point of view." She doesn't go for - or even tolerate - DS choices. Her "questionable" history runs from jumping from a life of slavery into a life of piracy, and her life as a relic hunter. From what we see of the relic hunting, I don't think even the mother's of the people she ripped off would be overly upset about her actions. Her time with the pirates is glossed over except for her relationship with Risha, and based on how she described the pirates I got a more "Robin Hood Prince of Thieves"/"Pirates of the Carribean" feeling than "pirates who'll kill you for your loot."

It took some time for me to warm up to Vette, I like her fine as a "sister" character, but there's a lot of tell and that doesn't match what we're shown about her character.

Vette aside, I'm betting internet cookies that the next article is going to be a female love interest. I adore Elara, Risha is cool, and I'm kinda "meh" on Nadia, but it'd be nice to see something that's not so... obviously catering to the guys. Lets do Qyzen! We can pretend the idea was really to get through the first companion characters you get instead.