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11.30.2012 , 09:58 PM | #162
I'm a sorc only pvp. Min maxed war hero and some elite war hero armorings. My force bonus damage is 1028 my expertise is 1158, I have elite warlord status. I'm dps and I bounce from different builds depending on the war zone. I am top three in damage in war zones. I cast affliction on everyone I see then aoe everyone. I havnt seen any sorcs with exp and bonus damage that high..

Me some guildies about 16 of us recently set up a rated war Zone where each team captain would pick a player and this would keep going back and forth, kind of like picking teams when u were little. Needless to say out of 16 people i was picked last. For the most part I do more dps then most people picked ahead of me, how ever everyone knows a sorcs dps is a joke because it takes me longer to kill someone then it takes them to kill me. That's what ranked is about its burst. We don't have any. Lower the seconds on the dots. Giving sorcs an extra six seconds of affliction makes that 21 seconds? It makes our damage look nice but I don't live 21 seconds. The skill tree needs to have points where I can minimize the dot time and keep the same damage.

Death field sometimes hits a target for 1200 damage. Fix this it's broken. Smash aoes 6k never less than 4k. Give sorcs a cast that when someone is within ten meters and below 30 percent health we have a finishing move like most good dos classes. I get so frustrated playing my sorc that I log onto my sentinal just to go after sorcs. I can hit a sorc for 7k followed up by 5k!!!! Fix this, this can't be what u guys had in mind. I've honestly stopped playing as much out of frustration. I love the challenge and the way u have to be a wizard when it comes to footwork. But it's broke and need to be on par with other dps classes. Btw guys any class that can leep to u is a range class. Especially how minimal the leap cool down is. On my sent a sorc cannot get away from me.I love the game but am losing interest when I keet on getting hit for 5k by some leaping newb geared sent , guardian or what ever.

I am running and kiting in game so much that in real life I try to keep everyone at 31 meters just in case they try something on me. It's messing up my love life and the game I love. Show us some love by making our kill time quicker.