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I haven't being reading these passed posts, just scanning. So far I haven't found any argument made by either side that sways my decision.

I will however counter one point, if only to protect the integrity of the debate.

Incorrect. The Kaggath was an ancient rite of Sith that pitted the combatants and their respective power bases against each other.
I've yet to see any evidence to suggest that Traya had a couple of battered cruisers and some sith here and there. She inherited the entire Sith Empire.

[I]Not according to the game[/I]

And unless the Republic managed to wipe out the Empire, which may I mention was winning the war, in the space of a year[/I],

[I]Which it did.

then much of it remained when Traya took the mantle.
(lol, I actually have the power to do that)
But there is evidence; ITS KOTOR 2. The Sith destroyed themselves after the death of Malak, and either Revan's defection or just leaving. The Sith lost Korriban, Traya even says that when the pub forces arrived the Sith had all killed themselves.

Traya never had an empire, she lead Malacore V and a few ships. You are using flawed information to make your assumptions, therefore your assumptions are false. I call a re-examination.
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