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Okay okay, I'm not a Quinn fangirl (don't kill me!) but that last sentence.. /swoon
I won't kill you because you swooned. Your swoon saved you. :P

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Swoon indeed! It's a well known fact that the way to a man's heart is through his stomach; and Ald carrying around his own spices? Now that's a Sith I'd like to meet

Trade recipes, watch cooking shows. Om nom nom.
Ald carries a lot of things most Sith wouldn't bother with... the implications are numerous. :3

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@irishfino - Aside from the obligatory spit-take enjoying Ald's meat, indeed! I love the way so many of your Ald pieces have had these little moments that are light and cute on their own here, Vette crushing on Ald that turn around and become heartbreakingly tragic in light of later plot.
Thank you! I love sweet and bitter moments and sweet moments that lead to bitterness and bitter moments that lead to sweetness... I like angst, lol.

Thanks for reading!
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