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Good guide there! Just a quick question, in your videos, does it have a reason why you click several abilities? Is it just a old habit trying to get rid off or are you doing it for a reason?

playing on laptop which only lets me click 2-3 buttons in quick succession. As a result sometimes very important abilities simply won't activate when I need them to. So sometimes if I'm clicking really hectically I will also click some of my more crucial abilities just so I am sure they activate.

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If the soft cap is 30% then getting there means no points are wasted. The crit buff isn't affected by diminishing returns, it gives a stat 5% boost. So since we're a crit based class, wouldn't it be better to reach the soft cap before putting points to power? That means reaching 30% unbuffed, 35% buffed.
Soft/hardcaps not the issue you simply do lower overall damage with that much crit.
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