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Markos strode closer to the cell he was eager to have a new pet to torture. Silence you fool. Now tell me. How did you get on this station?

Kregan looked around going over the thoughts in her head. don't worry I am fine. just... Thinking is all.

Hasdock walked in the bar he recognized Griz and Milla. two of his more loyal men sitting at the bar talking with several other mandos. He walked over to them and leaned down between them smiling. Hate to interrupt your lovely little conversation but your fearless leader needs a bit of a favor from you two. Griz sat upright saluting.Mandalore sir.... What do you require?! Hadock whacked him on top of the head laughing a bit. Stop calling me that you idiot it is a title I don't deserve. Now go gather as many of my men as possible tell them to spread the word that we are to fight against the Empire soon and to send any willing to commit to such a glorious fight to meet us in orbit. Now if you will excuse me there is one more person whom I need to contact. Hadock walked away as Griz and Milla walked around the bar spreading th word. Hadock walked outside activating a holo communicator trying to get in touch with his friend Jotunheim.
"Sometimes talking about whatever it is you are thinking about helps to orgnize your thoughts. I know this from experence. Care to share? I won't judge you or anything, so don't worry about that."