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If they made pugs face only pugs I would have absolutely no objection at all to a deserter debuff.
This, and an abundance of other reasons. With how faulty and preposterously bad our current matchmaking system is, not to mention the abysmal pool of players to pull for matches due to no cross realm function. I was once one of those people that never left a Warzone, I even called people out on it and detested them but after a while, you realize that it's not worth the frustration nor the time wasted. The fault falls to the game itself and the framework behind it, it is very poorly structured and leaves much to be desired. Once they fix matchmaking, cross realm queues and Split queues for Pugs and Premades, then a penalty can be justified for leaving Warzones; as the system is now, people need a way to escape Pug Vs Premade games, or simply a very, very bad game, where your team is literally sitting in a corner eating paste (Farming Def Medals within a minute of game start.)