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11.30.2012 , 07:43 PM | #36
I am currently leveling a merc atm but i thought id weigh in with a 50 jugg/ 50 assassins point of view mercs/commandos need simple changes to make them competitive. Having two melee 50s doing end game pvp i can say everything u are asking isnt even close to asking for to much, these changes are a great start and its nice to see the community reacting so well to it. Now as far as the rocket punch knockback i can tell u that 9 sec cd for something like that is not only needed but the class will be broken with out something of its nature. lets face it mercs are a long range dps/heal with no utilities to keep melee at bay. I cant tell you how many times im able to kill a arsenal merc without him getting a shot off (besides insta casts) as melee i have multiple utilities to keep u in range. Mercs/commandos need this and im all for it i hope to get knockback stunned post 1.6 cant say it'll help the unskilled but thats the point isnt it as you said u have to be more skilled than your opponents to be equal with them and thats not right. Mercs need help or they will continue to be the laughing stock of pvp. btw the chicken idea is awesome