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I do it all the time as well. My juggernaut can go from full min/maxed rage or vengeance with 19k hp to an immortal/vengeance hybrid (i like the 27/12/x) with 26.3k hp for huttball or defense. I have got the switch down to like 15 sec including switching all the gear, rearranging my hotbars, and clicking all the buttons.

I don't think its that bad as everyone can do it but it certainly does favor us that have played more and have been able to acquire multiple sets of gear. That said, i think it should be removed from rateds but kept for normals. When half your group can be a pug, being able to respec to a useful/non-plentiful role goes along way for making the match less frustrating.
Pretty much this

Except in rated you should be able to change until the match starts, I like the idea of tailoring specs to maps/comps but you can't do that effectively until you know which map you are playing. Changing in the middle of the game is borderline unfair.

For example as a sorc I see a previously tanky but harmless jug running at me and say "i have time no rush but a jug is here to my team snow will be fine till we cap mid"

Turns out he went full rage spec and popped on his power heavy gear while he was away and just smashed me for a little under half my health and is now force choking me. **** hits the fan because I have no clue what I'm fighting. Very annoying. Granted I should probably notice when his health pool goes down. But with buffs/endure pain who knows whats going on.

Or the reverse of me and a team mate knowing there is only one defender snow, a rage jugg. Turns out he respecced and put on gear with defensive mods just to watch the cap. Sure he could switch his gear before the change but now he can switch into a tank spec which gives him the ability to generate rage while simply taking dmg, increasing his ability to stall by a lot. And puts our team at a disadvantage trying to pick on teh talkiest target in the game

This is the problem with in game re specs. Knowledge you glean from facing your opponent early in the match becomes borderline irrelevant.

Not a huge issue but I would welcome a change