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11.30.2012 , 07:27 PM | #131
I only have the Kinetic and the on use power ones (although I have about 600 comm's still, so probably could test the elemental one). Only did 1 parse on the combat dummy, just kept the heat signature up and rapid shots/unload to get as many hits in as possible: That came out at 43.4% crit, where as my tech crit is about 38.75%.

I also uploaded our incredibly bad night on nim Z&T, before a couple of our connections went to crap on the tanks. If you look at thelonger fights Grav Waves crit % is between 30.43 and 51.52% ( Can't really remember back to the basic stats course in uni, but due the small sample size from those longer fights it does look like it is using tech crit. Or I am drawing conclusions where there are none. Hopefully others have more parses that can prove it one way or the other.

Might buy the elemental one and parse that this afternoon. See if it is significantly lower.