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So in a rather ironic (but never the less annoying) twist of things, going from Rakata to Black Hole, item by item, will actually make you less effective a healer. Instead, the best thing to do is to purchase a full set of Mystic items - for the armouring - and then buy 1 x STALKER boots for every piece of equipment, that you may extract the mods and enhancement and make your bad items good.

I've finally gotten of my butt and grinded some Valour, and I'm about to invest in my first war-hero pieces. I'm curious if the itemisation here is going to be as horrible as the Black Hole gear.

I know I'll need the War Hero Force Mystics armorings, for the set bonuses, but what of the mods and the enchancements? Are the ones included good enough, or is there a specific item or items that I should purchase to extract the mods from?

I am certain there was a thread about this, but googling and searching has yielded me nothing.
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