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I'm going to have to agree with Anethia. What kind of carebear attitude is it that peoples feelings are hurt so they won't queue up for rwz? Its on the guilds to man up and get competitive. Its not on other guilds to pamper and encourage them and let them win.

Suluu, you are in the guild "Pro" which is a loaded guild name if anything. Why do you consider yourself "Pro" if your afraid of competitive pvp? Its shameful.

I am not going to look though rose colored glasses. OoS whooped us just about every time we queued up against them. Sometimes it wasn't even close. Thing is, we still queued because:

A) We enjoy pvp.
B) We knew that playing better people is the only way to improve.
C) We're proud of our tag and want to be the best.

I also agree that the strive to be the best and better than others is necessary. Its the instinct that drives pvp - being a better player than your peers.

I know when we win a tough game that the elation is better than anything else in this game. I know when we lose the embarrassment is what drives us to improve our skills and scrutinize our play.

Crimson Elite played a good few games last night. One game we got rocked in huttball by a republic pug (with some of the best players outside our guild for some grace saving). I wasn't butthurt, all I knew is that we seriously need to improve our huttball game. We also queued up again immediately (which isn't what most guilds do when they lose).

I find it odd that we're outnumbered by Imperials but Republic is the only faction which can produce serious pvp groups. I guess my only hope is that Anim and Anethia come back and put some effort into forming a decent imperial group. (Maybe A'nimus can also put an effort forward as he seems to be also excited about real competition).

I would like to thank Credit Shot (and sometimes AA) for queuing up - and not quitting after their first loss. Its obvious those guilds are playing for PVP, not some useless rating that does nothing.
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