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1. Air Strike Codes: There's only 4 NPCs that drop these, and they spawn incredibly slow. Add in the fact that you have 20 or so people trying to defeat these 4 NPCs. Worse yet, if you initiate a fight with them, and someone else jumps in and attacks NO ONE gets an airstrike code! And EVERYONE basically jumps in and attacks thinking they can ninja grab a code, just making things worse.

You either need to increase the drop % of cods, or decrease the goal. Definitely increase spawn times so people aren't standing around camping these same 4 NPCs. Or at least fix it so if someone interferes in your battle, you still get the drops (instead of giving no one the drops).

2. Enemy spawn in Data Core: Again, too slow. You basically have 20 people standing around waiting for enemies because there's too many people doing the missions AND the enemies aren't respawning fast enough.

3. Gamorrean Leader Prisoners: They spawn too slowly as well. And to make matters worse, there's a glitch where they won't leave the cell. They just stand there. This exacerbates the situation leading to respawn times that are 2X-3X longer than average.

4. Mobs Outside:Too many mobs outside that have far too great of a detection range. You basically can't go 5 feet without engaging in battle. They're not difficult (Low attack high defense, takes a while), but it's SUPER annoying when you're trying to traverse the landscape and being pulled/attacked every 5 seconds. Make it like Black Hole where you can actually MOVE around without a mob placed every 5 feet.

This makes getting to the Heroic 4 a HUGE pain in the A**. You have to basically battle anywhere from 50-70 NPCs just to make it there. Unless you're stealth.

tl;dr: There's a reason Section X population has declined rapidly since launch. The whole area is a huge cluster****.