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Alright, once again - this battle is looking bad for MtU. I shall update what I believe to be the apparent strengths/weaknesses.

Fleet advantage: Very close. Mandos have more ships, Kun has better ships. However Basilisks are gonna change things a bit. I'd still give a slight advantage to MtU.

Ground forces advantage: Kun gets it. But I also feel that this will be very close due to the Mando warriors and their Basilisks.

Leadership advantage: Even.

One-on-one advantage: Kun obviously.

Here's my take: this is gonna be a long war. Long enough that the leaders are gonna learn a thing or two about there enemies soon enough to prevent themselves from making a extremely costly mistake. MtU will likely underestimate Kun's ground forces, but I feel like he'll get a chance to make up for that mistake. Like I said, I think this will be a long war.

The Mando's Basilisks seem to be their only legit advantage that (besides sheer numbers). Also, we should look at there logistics and resources because I feel that this will be a long war. The Mandos will have plenty of loot, and I imagine the Krath resources are gonna be nearly as good.

This battle will be close, but as Aurbere said, the Mando's aren't gonna have as many Basilisks as I thought. I want 'em to win bad, but my Mandalorian friends just don't seemingly have what it takes to win.
The Basilisks are definitely the big hitters for the Mando's, but they aren't insta-wins. They'll do some damage, but not enough to defeat Kun's forces. I'd say the war droids boost Mandalore's chances a fair bit, but these droids aren't invulnerable. Kun and his Sith can easily knock them aside with the Force, or destroy them with a lightsaber.

We should also remember that the Krath have their own War Droids. These droids were built to fight Jedi. They were even capable of killing Jedi Master Arca Jeth, one of the most powerful Jedi of his time.

In the end, it should be close, but Kun has this one.
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