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11.30.2012 , 05:06 PM | #53
Alright, once again - this battle is looking bad for MtU. I shall update what I believe to be the apparent strengths/weaknesses.

Fleet advantage: Very close. Mandos have more ships, Kun has better ships. However Basilisks are gonna change things a bit. I'd still give a slight advantage to MtU.

Ground forces advantage: Kun gets it. But I also feel that this will be very close due to the Mando warriors and their Basilisks.

Leadership advantage: Even.

One-on-one advantage: Kun obviously.

Here's my take: this is gonna be a long war. Long enough that the leaders are gonna learn a thing or two about there enemies soon enough to prevent themselves from making a extremely costly mistake. MtU will likely underestimate Kun's ground forces, but I feel like he'll get a chance to make up for that mistake. Like I said, I think this will be a long war.

The Mando's Basilisks seem to be their only legit advantage that (besides sheer numbers). Also, we should look at there logistics and resources because I feel that this will be a long war. The Mandos will have plenty of loot, and I imagine the Krath resources are gonna be nearly as good.

This battle will be close, but as Aurbere said, the Mando's aren't gonna have as many Basilisks as I thought. I want 'em to win bad, but my Mandalorian friends just don't seemingly have what it takes to win.