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Um, MasterMe, the Krath beat the hell out of the much larger Republic fleet than the one seen forty years later several times over, so no Revan's fleet is not > Kun's fleet.
Well I don't know a whole lot about the Krath. After reading the past few posts I'll change my mind that thr Krath/Massassi are better then Republic soldiers and perhaps better then Mando soldiers.

But as for the fleets, are the Krath supplying the ships and the crewmen to Kun's fleet? That would make a big difference.

But yeah, I'll agree (as of now) that the Krath are better then standard Republic troops (and perhaps the Mandos), but I have a feeling they'd have a tuff time with Revan's fleet. Also, didn't someone say a while ago that we'd decided that the Mando fleet is better then Kun's? If so, then Revan's is likely better then Kun's. If not, then I'm being told some conflicting into on Kun and his ships.

Somebody inform me: just how powerful is Kun's fleet?