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Well as long as everyone else agrees... all I know is they were present in almost every battle. It took one Mando to pilot one. And in the Revan novel, Revan encounters a clan of say 10-12? With 2 Basilik droids, and that was when they were outlawed after the war, we assume they had more at the height of Mandalore's power.

So yes, at least 1 Basilisk per 4 Mandos

Remember though, Revan and Qel-Dromo (the latter is not in this fight) were powerful force users. So no surprises their. I expect a 2 Basilisk could defeat a single dark Jedi. Yes they killed their masters, but they caught them by surprise, and not all succeeded - so we have to take that with a pinch of salt.

You make good points however.

IMO yes. But thats in non-arbiter mode and subject to debate.
You make the good point that 1 or 2 Basilisks is all they need to take down a single Dark Jedi. This changes things.

With as many Basilisks MtU has, he's gonna have more of them then Kun's gonna have Dark Jedi. So I wanna throw this out there:
Dark Jedi _ Basilisk (note: there are a lot more Basilisks then Dark Jedi)
Krath/Massassi _ Mando (there are a lot more Mandos)
Exar Kun > MtU (easy)
Kun's fleet < MtU's fleet (due to Basilsks and sheer numbers)
Kun's leadership _ MtU's leadership (MtU is a freaking Mando, and Kun is ... well.. Kun)

Now I'm having a tuff time seeing Kun as the victor...

I'd also like to compare Revan's army to Kun's. This is to help us better understand Kun and his forces.
Kun's Dark Jedi > Revanchists (nuff said)
Krath/Massassi _ Standard Republic soldier (this is due to tech advantage with Revan's men - in a feirce melee I'd give it to the Krath/Massassi)
Kun's fleet < Revan's fleet
Kun's leadership < Revan's leadership (debatable)
Kun's power > Revan's power (if this was Revan reborn it'd be close)
Kun's general's < Revan's generals (Revan has Surik, Karath, Malak and others)
- I'm sure a few of you disagree about this, but hang with me for argument's sake

So how would MtU manage to beat Kun since he lost to Revan? I feel the biggest difference is this: Revan's fleet bigger/better then Kun's. Note that I'm not yet saying that Kun would win, I just feel that this fight is now a coin toss instead of a clear victory for Kun. Wow Beni, good job. I feel this will be a close Kaggath.

If Kun is gonna win this it will be SOLELY through his personel powers and perhaps the brutallity of his soldiers. I'm unsure of the winner at this point.