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Wait Kun doesn't get his own personal Sith apprentice in this battle? okay, don't see the sense in that but very well(I could understand Traya not having Nihilus or Sion due to their uber abilities but Ulic is not on that level).
Rules are rules. Malgus didn't have Serevin. Grievous didn't have Ventress. Revan didn't have Meetra and Saul. Traya didn't have Sion and Nihilus. No other prominent powers. Seeing as Qel-Droma led the Krath forces and was Kun's powerful apprentice, he is outlawed. Just as Mandalore doesn't have Cassus Fett or Canderous. The rule has to be universal. I admit I let Guri and co. pass, but I realise now that was a mistake. I don't want the debate to get subverted by other powers.
Oh and I think the Krath cult is being severely underestimated here, they faced off the Jedi Order and handed them their backsides, a far superior Order compared to the Jedi that the Mandalorians faced in the Mandalorian Wars.

The Massassi engaged the Republic forces and briefly engaged the Mandalorians under Ulic's banner and were clearly holding their own in battle, so they are being underestimated to.

Then we have the most promising Knights and Padawans in the Jedi Order who turned to Kun's Sith Empire via the Dark Holocron, one of these was, none other than, Sion.[/COLOR]
You make a good point here.