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Is anybody else out there still having a visitor on their ship that won't get the hell off of it?
I thought they said they were going to fix this glitch.
If they don't want to, can we nuke their tush off our ship?
I think this was a bug introduced in 1.5 and affects Smuggler and Imperial Agent ships, for some strange reason. It's not on this week's Known Problem List, but I remember seeing posts about it a couple weeks ago.

It seems intrusive, but random visitors like that are not exactly going to be able to mess you up in anyway. They can't raid your Cargo Hold, view your cutscenes, see you sexing up your Companion of choice, etc. If anything, it may be problematic for them--I don't know if they function like asking someone to be on your ship in group, but, if so, it means they get transported to wherever you go and then have to find a way back out of it. It's more inconvenient for them than you.

(I had it happen to me last night on my Smuggler's ship. I felt bad for the guy I shanghaied to Tatooine. )
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