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I read somewhere that the crit soft cap is 30%. Wouldn't it make more sense if that's the case to stack 30% unbuffed crit and reach 35% with the buff? Why only 25% unbuffed?
We have the Recklessness buff. You can crit all three of your force abilities on the first cycle of your rotation, Discharge, DF, and Shock given one charge is not consumed by Chain Lightning, but even if it does its not that bad. Wakajinn is a spec that is designed for opening burst. You don't need an insanely high crit rating because most of the time Reck is on cd you are stealthed anyways. At 90sec cd on Reck I have it available every 2-3 openers, that is very good. Since Reck is relatively short cd it is wise to stack power to get the biggest crits possible since you are going to crit anyways.