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I, for one, am appreciative every time we get talk of another team queueing up for ranked. It's unfortunate that we can't always get enough (of the right combo of) people together to put together a team. And as Val mentioned, GD has been running different OPs three nights a week lately, which pulls from our ability to put together a team.
It's those damned PVE people, amiright.

. WTB more 10pm PST ranked matches. >.>
Hear hear. Sleep is for the weak. As I said in the other thread until I remembered I had resolved to be good, you guys need to stay up later! Imps need to do more late nights too, but they don't have this obsessive focus on sufficient sleep that has been getting in the way of good matches.

Emulate Desi! Great PVPer and perfectly PVP-conductive sleep schedule!
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