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So, for arguments sake, we're saying that for every 4 Mandos there is a single Basilisk? That's pretty good for MtU.
Well as long as everyone else agrees... all I know is they were present in almost every battle. It took one Mando to pilot one. And in the Revan novel, Revan encounters a clan of say 10-12? With 2 Basilik droids, and that was when they were outlawed after the war, we assume they had more at the height of Mandalore's power.

So yes, at least 1 Basilisk per 4 Mandos
We know how affective the Basilisks are, but we also know that Revan was able to single-handedly take one out in the novel. I hear Ulic Qel-Droma did the same. So with that in mind, the Basilisks aren't gonna be a big problem for Kun, Qel-Droma, and a few of the more powerful Sith/Dark Jedi on their side.
Remember though, Revan and Qel-Dromo (the latter is not in this fight) were powerful force users. So no surprises their. I expect a 2 Basilisk could defeat a single dark Jedi. Yes they killed their masters, but they caught them by surprise, and not all succeeded - so we have to take that with a pinch of salt.

You make good points however.

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So have we decided that Mandalore dominates space? If so, that changes things...
IMO yes. But thats in non-arbiter mode and subject to debate.