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"Well.....look, I am just doing my job. We are stll putting together what happeed, ok? Based on our findings, we think you may have vital information that could help us catch the killer. just work with us, ok?"
Wolf held back another growl, he understood the questioner's reasons. Just doing our jobs, Wolf wondered how long the line between difference of it being a legitimate reason and it being used as an excuse has been blurred. But he understood none the less. "I will try the best I can do, but I do not have much information. To answer your first question, I asked for a camera sweep because I though I heard something out of the ordinary. Before you ask, my hearing is better and sharper than most humanoids, I can pick up the slightest sounds and more frequencies." He paused, trying to remember where he left off, "The cameras where down so I went to check it out. It was a Talz bounty hunter, I drew my sword and demanded that he step away from the senator. He pulled out a thermal detonator so I tried to stall him while moving closer for a clean strike, that's when another hot-head bounty hunter came in a screwed things up. He ruined my plan to stop the Talz and got the senator killed. I went it to strike, but it tossed the grenade and I had to...... deactivate it before pursuing, by then it was too late. The Talz was gone, the senator was dead and the hot-head bounty hunter was dragged away by his older brother. End of story." Wolf remained standing, looking the questioner in the eye.
"Command is more than just another skill. You can't train a person to make command decisions in split seconds and live with the consequences. They have to learn that for themselves. If they fail to see that, good people die. And they still have to live with that." ~ Colonel Jaime Wolf