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Thought I would come post an update. Now full WH I still don't see the kind of heals other classes are posting for match totals. Scoundrels and Sages are still posting consistantly, even on players with partial WH, 300k-700k heals. I've seen a few sages on our server put out over 1 mil in heals. Commandos just don't put up those numbers. With the new stun bubble hybrid sages/sorcs they heal for a lot more even as a hybrid with more utility. Our heavy armor helps against white damage players (weapon dmg) but not against force and tech which is what most PVPers run with. Elemental dmg of powertechs is still WAY overpowered. There is just no mitigation against it. Armor means nothing against elemental attacks. When a powertech in recruit gear can 3 shot a full WH healer something is very very wrong. So in short: commando healers are still gimped. We have half the utility and half the healing output. Give our kolto bomb a longer cooldown but add a nice heal over time effect like the scoundrels have and we might survive a few seconds longer.

my numbers:
Crit Chance Ranged 35%,
Crit Chance Tech 40% (with talents),
Surge 76%,
Bonus Healing 639.5,
Activation Speed (From Alacrity) 13.78,

I've been thinking about swapping out half my Aim/End Augs for Power/Defense. I'll let you all know how it goes.
Sages and Operatives always will put out big numbers on the scoreboard due to the nature of their HoTs and persistent AoEs, if specced. The Commando/Merc does the big burst single-target healing, where and when it counts. And the other two can't even come close to our survivability. As far as utility goes, Bubble Stun is still an anomaly and I wouldn't count on it being around forever.
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