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Some food for thought.

People seem to be assuming that Exar Kun - like Revan - has a vast amount of Sith on his side, he doesn't (or at least to my knowledge. Can anyone give me clarification on their numbers? I am sure they are not many. While the Revanchists must have numbered in the 100s. So the battles are not exactly comparable.

What made up the majority of Exar Kun's forces were Massasi Warriors and Krath. They were skilled warriors but then so were Mandalorians. And they had basilisk war droids, which would tear apart Kun's forces. I estimate the number of basilisk's to be vast. They were present in almost every battle so we can assume that 1/4 of the neo-crusaders possessed one - and more were in reserve.

Exar Kun may be extremely powerful, but he can only bring his full powers to bear on the ground. In space he is vulnerable.
Exar Kun had several Jedi Knights that he turned to the Dark Side. These Jedi were capable of killing their own masters in battle, so I'd put them above the normal Jedi that Revan had in the war. Not only that, but Ulic Qel-Droma took out Mandalore's personal Basilisk with relative ease. The War droids may pose a threat to Exar Kun's Krath and Massassi, but not a great one to his Sith.

In the end, I see it coming down to Exar and some Sith taking on Mandalore and a fairly large group of Mandalorians. If this is the case, Exar Kun wins easy.
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