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The SithWarrior Story was beautifully fun in how you could say the worst things to Baras and all he did was constanly give idle threats and cry .

Yes Trolling Baras every chance u get is hilarious. But one thing that gets me is that from the SW story all ppl see is Baras is a fat man that makes you do all the work (which he kinda does but it makes him appear really weak since hes not doing it himself) while all he does is scheme from the shadows.

While yes Baras' true strength lies in his scheming (he outsmarted his master, the entire DC, and the emperor himself, and wouldve gotten away with it had it not been for the Wrath) I feel due to this and all his mannerisms (such as letting u troll him and not doing anything about it, as well as being fat) ppl really downplay his actual power.

Personally i only thought the reason he let u get away with it was because you brought results and didnt fail your assignments. He force choked and killed his subordinate on Hoth via. holo for failing him.