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Sorry to be a little confused here, so hoping someone can clarify. Examples I want to use for help

let's say i have an orange chest piece, armor on it is 350 with all kinds of stats from mods. I understand I can upgrade the mods but wont the armor stay 350? If that is the case, i can get endurance and aim and crit but wont i outlevel the armor number? level 24 the armor is 350 at level 40 i modded all the stuff on the piece but the armor is still 350. Wont there be better armor pieces at 40?

weapon-orange, has 100-115 damage at level 24..i know I can change the barrel and mods to gain aim, endurance, crit, power etc...but does the damage go up as i change mods or is it going to be 100-115 at level 40 which wouldn't be an upgrade even if I changed mods.

help, i seem to be confused.

i hate to admit I think i have sold orange gear because I thought it couldn't be upgraded weapon damage or base armor....=(
For a piece of wearable orange armor the armor rating is driven by the Armoring modification. That mod has an armor value attached, along with some bonus stats, that drive the armor value of the piece in which you use the mod. The armor value is what's really important though as that is what the orange piece uses to determine the final armor rating. Light/Medium/Heavy armor types will modify the armor rating on your Armoring so that heavy orange armor becomes "heavy" while light armor is still light even with the same Armoring mod.

Barrels and hilts do the same thing for guns and light sabers as an Armoring mod does for armor. They control the DPS of the weapon in which they are inserted. Every time you upgrade to a higher level barrel or hilt you get more DPS. Barrels and hilts have other stats besides the damage rating, but that damage rating is what is important.

Orange gear also has other slots (1-2, depending on piece) that let you add other stat enhancers. Armor, for example, has Enhancement and Modification slots. These don't control the armor rating of the piece, but they do let you add other stats. You don't have to upgrade these slots to keep the armor value of the piece "up to date" but you will get more stats if you do keep them upgraded. Nice, but not as necessary as the Armoring mod. Weapons perform similarly...other slots add extra stats, but the barrel/hilt is what keeps the piece 'up to date'.

Once you find a look that you like you can keep that orange piece of gear up to date indefinitely. My Agent currently has fully moddable gear in every slot except wrists and boots, and he's only L28.