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@Magdalane - Miriah being, and allowing herself to be, absolutely silly in-love with Corso is sweet all by itself, but even more so considering all it took for them to get to that point.

@kabe - The large-scale divergences in Remi's and Scourge's outfitting of their respective safehouses worked well to highlight the points where their plans did mirror each other. And the pairs of cups at the end... beautifully done.

@Tatile - As heartbreaking as it is, it's a talk that needed to be had, I think, and I appreciate that Broan doesn't just take for granted that everything's okay now.

@hoyden - That last line... for someone usually so calculating and self-aware, I can see how the sudden realisation that he's allowed someone else to matter so deeply to him must seem like losing it.

@Eversteam - Welcome aboard! Wow... Quinn is just whole big frustrated bundle of fight-or-flight here.
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I should have noticed what she was doing with her hands. You should always be aware of what a Sith is doing with them.
Favourite line, and so very very true for Quinn.

@Vesaniae - A'tro's stream of consciousness here is fantastic

@Irrissa - Short but very, very poignant.

@irishfino - Aside from the obligatory spit-take enjoying Ald's meat, indeed! I love the way so many of your Ald pieces have had these little moments that are light and cute on their own here, Vette crushing on Ald that turn around and become heartbreakingly tragic in light of later plot.

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