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I am a total Mandohead, but looking at it critically this is what I believe would be the result.

Firstly, Exar Kun has a few advantages. He has the force, devout Massassi warriors altered by Sith alchemy, Krath warriors and dark side beasts. Mandalore the Ultimate has technology on his side. Warriors clad in Mandalorian iron suits and Basiliskan droids and starships. We also know the quality of his Neo-Crusader warriors are not all up to Mandalorian standards, since he released prisoners to fight for him and drafted civilians to make up his forces. Exar Kun used stolen Republic and ageing Krath technology.

Mandalorians fighting against the Massassi is a pretty easy outcome. The Massassi use melee weapons and projectiles in the form of disks (Lanvaroks) and they lack full armour. The Mandos use full armour suits and most frequently use blaster weapons. The Mandalorians have the advantage there.

But in the end, Exar Kun is a clear winner. His mastery of the dark side gives him the power to overwhelm the Mandalorians, and if he can use illusions (like Naga Sadow used to give the illusion of a larger force) he could supplement his forces with that. We know that Exar Kun was one of the greatest duelists and force users of his time. Even a force of fully trained Jedi had to imprison him just to defeat him because they couldn't get close enough to kill him. If the Jedi have little chance, then the Mandalorians have zero.
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