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Keep in mind, you are part of those three caps. Everyone thinks they are good players and it is everyone else's fault, that usually isn't the case. When I premade warzones, I'd say I win 95% of the time, when I pug, it is 50/50. (I exclude warzones I hope into that I am losing because someone left, those aren't my warzones, those are someone elses, chalk that up to obamanomics).
totally agree with you here. i went 13-2 last night with my guild premade and 10-1 the night before. but when i pug the numbers drop dramatically.

so if you think you are good at pvp find others with the same skill or find a good pvp guild to join. if you dont want to do that and solo queue or be in a terrible guild for pvp then i dont feel sorry for you.