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11.30.2012 , 01:44 PM | #9
First of all - that was an excellent interview. I particularly liked the sample chart of playtime presented. I do have a couple comments and questions though:

My guild <Esoteric Order> uses the Ziost to role-play on Jung Ma fairly often, and It's pretty common to find RP'ers scattered about the imperial fleet. Although we're probably a small portion of the population, it hit me when I was reading your chart that we might be represented as idling in fleet when in fact we're having some of our peak entertainment role-playing . That leads into my first question:

What are the most common hotspots for role-play? (Perhaps an analysis of which areas people tend to use the /e command or the say channel would provide a rough estimate of where people tend to role-play).

Also, what's the most interesting, 'fun' statistic you discovered while analyzing SWTOR?