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Focus and Combat are both excellent viable specs for regular and ranked warzones. Do you see Commandos QQing that they can only utilize Gunnery for PVE? No. Do you see Sages QQing that they can only use Balance as a DPS spec for PVP? No. They adapt and overcome. Considering that the Sentinel/Marauder had 3 extremely viable specs for PVP and now only have two, I donít think there is much to complain about.
Watchman wasn't viable even before the nerf. Also, pointing to other underpowered PVP specs is irrelevant. Just because there other bad pvp specs for other classes doesn't mean we should just move on and forget watchman exists. Some people like myself find watchman the most fun spec and only play the other two because they help the team more. When your favorite spec becomes unviable, it's perfectly legitimate to address your concerns in the forums. I haven't played watchman in pvp for a while ("adapt and overcome") but I would like to see the day where I can play my favorite spec competitively again. And yes, you do see commandos and sages complain about their middle trees for pvp, it's just less frequent because they've been weaker at competitive levels for a while.