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I'm sorry you feel this way, but I don't have many SS of me and my Merc healer. This is me with a dedicated tank:

It was a pug group but the jugg guarding me figured out I was the competent healer of the team, thus he lived, got decent prot and I lived to do 700k in healing.

And here's the one of me kicking and screaming on the run from lolsweepers/VG's all damn game long

I did NOT have a guard that match and probably would have died a little more often without the cross-healing, but we do have the tools to survive and can indeed put out numbers that are just as good as sages. Operatives/scoundrels we will never get to that level without some sort of HoT like they have, but when it comes to burst healing and keeping a single target alive, it doesn't get much better than us.

And before I forget, roll cybertech for the reusable seismic grenade and extra CC (albeit on a long CD) and I would like to add my healer isn't even close to full WH in either of these SS. We are in a sweet spot where we aren't OP but aren't underpowered either, so it's a respectable spot to be in. We could be much worse... (Commando/Merc DPS )
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