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Fair enough, but i was less concerned (aka "complaining" ) about the Lag and more so pointing out how utterly drab and dreary and imo DEAD the Fleet feels (even with 200+ players per instance) since: 1) No chat 'bubbles' = seemingly no chat bustling environment ...and 2) No real 'space' in TOR , so you can't fly into/out-of this supposed "base" of operations...therefore it just all feels like some VOID.

Coruscant (and Dromund Kaas) both feel *alive* and thriving (even when they're not) . It would, imo, make the game feel more 'massive' (as in MMORPG ) .

I don't see what the problem is with BioWare, at the very least, just simply placing most/all of the function of Fleet onto the capital planets too (Guild Banks, Vendors, etc. ) .
Well I've never felt fleet was dead, especially with 200+ people on it. Chat bubles? Never liked them. And I believe the "Big Space" thing they teased about is really openning up space to a more free form JtL/X-Wing vs TIE Fighter style. The fleet was added to remove those things from the homeworlds so I don't believe they will be returning anytime soon.
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