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Personally I love the playstyle and the utility that AP brings to the table, BUT here's the problem we don't have as much burst as Pyrotechs do. Now I've been thinking about this and I was trying to figure out a way to make AP as good as or at least competitive with Pyro's in terms of a 1v1 situation. This is the build I've currently come up with:
Personally, if I were to to a CGC AP spec, I'd go with the following spec.

But spec'ing into AP and not picking up Hydraulic Overrides is such a shame. That's one of the things that makes AP shine.

Also, running PFT is pretty useless unless you're picking up Steely Resolve and Intimidation. I've explained this to other people - you either go with RS for AP or you go with PFT for AP. You can't do both because it's gimping both too greatly.
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