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And again, that's precisely what makes that warzone annoying. It's Huttball, a ballgame, a virtual sport, it was never meant to be a deathmatch, and shouldn't be changed just because the majority of players can't grasp that fact. Make a deathmatch to satisfy all those people who only care about kills and hate objectives, but don't change any of the ones we have now to be like that just because a bunch of people jump into them with that mentality.
Been playing Huttball since beta and players by in large aren't getting better grasping the whole "ballgame" concept lol.

Personally I thought it was a dumb idea to begin with and a waste of an awesome map, if anything remove the ball and put in more deathtraps.

It just doesn't fit with the lore, Jedi and Sith would never play sporting events together lol, not sure even the pirate faction would, well, maybe for enough credits I suppose.

And the Hutts would want to see blood, death and gore, not a bunch of fools throwing a ball around, seriously.

Even the die hard Huttball lovers can't deny this fact.
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