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Moving the players from one hub to another doesn't make much sense to me. Keeping the fleet separate helps to reduce the lag too. Both dromund kaas and coruscant are currently quest areas. Fleet on the other hand is a place to wait for whatever to happen and go elsewhere to quest. It does not matter if fleet lags a bit.
Fair enough, but i was less concerned (aka "complaining" ) about the Lag and more so pointing out how utterly drab and dreary and imo DEAD the Fleet feels (even with 200+ players per instance) since: 1) No chat 'bubbles' = seemingly no chat bustling environment ...and 2) No real 'space' in TOR , so you can't fly into/out-of this supposed "base" of operations...therefore it just all feels like some VOID.

Coruscant (and Dromund Kaas) both feel *alive* and thriving (even when they're not) . It would, imo, make the game feel more 'massive' (as in MMORPG ) .

I don't see what the problem is with BioWare, at the very least, just simply placing most/all of the function of Fleet onto the capital planets too (Guild Banks, Vendors, etc. ) .
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