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If this is the case then its even worse than I thought, because theyre awful at it. In losing wzs I have top pub dmg about 80% of the time on my kinetic shadow - something which should never happen. On my gunslinger its even more common. Yet I never pay attention to anything other than objectives. If theyre trying to boost stats but are getting lower numbers than a guy running around between nodes and trying to play objectives smartly, then what the heck are they doing wrong dps wise?
Most pugs do not have a guild giving them tips/tricks to use their skills/abilities correctly. Most people who aren't paying attention to ops chat & who aren't focused on objectives are also probably not very good at choosing the correct sequence of skills/abilities for their class to achieve the best possible DPS.

I think Hywhan suggestion of Republic making friends & grouping together for WZs will help a lot. If the pugs & solo guild runners were grouped in between WZs they could discuss their previous WZs & try to improve their strategy & improve their team coordination for better success in the future.