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I'm puzzled why people automatically expect all 3 healing classes' healing skills to be exactly the same on a per heal basis. As I understand it, balance has been achieved on an overall healing throughput basis, factoring in multiple considerations, such as own survivability, resource management, cast time of skills, multiple target healing, etc.

Even if you generated same-encounter HPS parses between the 3 classes, this would still be unreliable due to the likely massive amount of overhealing Sorcs (AOE puddle) and Operatives (HoTs) do, which skew their total healing done.
Most parsers can tell you the amount of overhealing done, and yeah, on my sage it can be pretty insane. In most of our raids, me (sage, sometimes commando) and the other healer (usually an op, or a sage) end up doing roughly the same amount of effective healing. But I think it is faulty logic to say that means the all classes are capable of the same throughput. What that really shows is that both healers are doing their jobs well and healing damage as it comes in.

And even though I think merc/commando healing has generally fallen behind the other classes with the changes in last 2 major patches, there are strengths and weaknesses to each class, and some fights play better to certain classes than others. Plus some players find certain classes fit them better.