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Revan Reborn? Very vague considering his tumultuous psyche

Revan Reborn BTC - Loses: Revan's attunement to the lightside would work to his disadvantage. The dark side energies emanating from Malachor and Traya would cut him off from the Force, and he would become easy prey.

Revan Reborn ATC - Wins: Revan had become pretty much insane in his devotion to destroying the dark side. His adamant resolve combined with his use of the dark side would mean Traya could use nothing against him. She could not sever his connection to the light, he would draw on the dark instead and Malachor would bolster his power. Traya could not convert him, he had become too dedicated to destroying the Sith. The only way Traya could win is by blowing his mind by showing him he had become the very thing he sought to destroy. Then Traya would simply cut him down as he layed curled up crying on the floor.

Off Topic : Maybe this is why you choose Jedi Knight Revan who is still hindered by Jedi thinking and has yet to full discard them . I agree , maybe I just didn't see it through the last battle.

Off Toipic : Darth Krayt needs a Kaggth sir , I think hes underrated on these forums forsho !
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