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Exar Kun vs Mandalore the Ultimate ?!?!
I am going to assume with lack of information Canonly or not that Exar Kun was beyond Jedi Knight Revan's Power and Skill.
This is not even a fight , Mandalore has nothing to defend himself from Exar Kun.

Beni I tried to stay out the last one due to the handicap you gave Revan that was all the difference , being if he was Darth Revan MV wouldn't even mattered and he was well into his Prime .

Mando's are skilled fighters but Exar Kun is no stupid Sithlord , hes well skilled and very Powerful Canonly.
Heck 4000+ years later he still managed to cause problems as a Force Ghost. Mandalor was no issue for a Jedi Knight Revan , he would have been no issue for a man who didn't care at all for Jedi ways from the get go.

Maybe I am being biased as I love Kun's lore and the Comic Series he was in , but the man was so scary the Jedi did not want to confront him face too face .
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