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Except I've already linked you what BW's definition of an exploit is. It is taking advantage of a bug in the game code. That is their definition. Using /stuck in WZs does not fall under said definition because it's not bugged.

You laud logic so much, yet fail to use it.
this is not a bug in the game code you window licker.

if people dont want to finish leveling that is their loss. sub-50 pvp is terrible, even worse than 50 pvp. if they want to twink their 49s, let them. if you dont like it, you dont have to participate in lowbie pvp. or you can just take your licks in the sub-50 bracket, and then actually hit 50 and get to enjoy endgame content.

bioware has absolutely no reason to address this problem. people need to stop whining about every freakin little thing. grow a pair
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