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First of all, welcome! It's always great to see new players jumping in!

If you're new to MMOs in general, you'll find there's a lot to learn, but I think you'll get good responses if you're up-front that you're new. Don't be afraid to ask questions - and if someone is rude to you for being new, just ignore them; some people can forget that we were all new once.

There are a lot of great guides and resources on the forums and our fansites, and the New Player Help forum is a really good place to ask questions about anything from being new in PvP to what kind of gear you'll want to how to get in a guild that suits your tastes (and if you like paying with others, I highly recommend seeking out a guild - it may take some time to find one that you fit perfectly with, but it's definitely worth it).

Above all: have fun! Try out all the different kinds of content in the game, ask questions, and enjoy your adventures across the galaxy!
Thank you so much all for your advice! It is great to see such a great community! I look forward to experiencing all the aspects this game can offer.