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You really argue with the poorest understanding of what an exploit is. Ok I'm being civil. You have NO understanding of what an exploit is. I think you are just making things up as you go.

To be an exploit - you don't have to be taking advantage of a "bug" as you stated. It can be intentionally taking advantage of normal game mechanics which ends up in unintended consequences that benefit you and prevent other's from enjoying natural progression of normal game play. End. Of. Story.

As for them not fixing it - the ONLY thing it means is, they haven't fixed it. That can be for several reasons. Maybe - just maybe - they aren't really aware of it. Or, maybe it hasn't been enough of an issue to cause a problem yet.

You see - what you refuse to acknowledge (I'm thinking understand really) is not only do they not ban people for using all exploits, they don't rush to fix all exploits. The decision to fix an exploit depends on that exploit's ramifications on game play. If enough people weren't doing this for it to cause a problem - HEY wadda you know? Few ramifications. That means little impetus to fix the exploit. Now enough people are doing it to cause ramifications. And it's increasing. So as it starts to cause more and more problems - NOW is when they might (hopefull will)
do something. (And I don't care that it hasn't affected you personally - or other's arguing this isn't a problem in this thread.) It's affected me, it's affected people I know, it's affected people I've teamed with in PvP and it's affected other's in this thread. In other words - it is now starting to have RAMIFICATIONS for people's game play.

I've been playing since pre-launch. I have 2 active accounts in my home. I have mutliple toons that I PvP with extensively (most pre-50 in fact. I personally enjoy it. . But - note I don't cheat to stay level 49) It has only in the last TWO WEEKS come to my attention and has beeen affecting my team's play in Warzones (To my knowledge. I'm now wondering about all t hose Huttball games where people left before the end of the game). NOW it is an issue. NOW I will make sure they know about this exploit as is my right on these forums. Like I said - don't like it? Don't agree? That's your choice. But it does nothing to my right to bring it to the devs attention that it is now a problem. And is getting worse daily.

Now I said I wouldn't reply to you - you aren't correct in what you say, you refuse to quote sources when you make your (blatantly wrong) assertions. This time, I really am through replying to you.
My understanding of what an exploit is comes from what BW defined in that article I linked you.

YOUR understand of an exploit is "I think this is unfair and wrong, so it must be an exploit."