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You don't know how much better this makes me feel about life. Such a relief to see we aren't the only guild dealing with this stuff.

Makes me wish I had recorded all our attempts and compiled something like this. More so now for Kephess than Tanks. You guys are now my new favorites!
As I said in my guild... rarely does an encounter improve your guild. Its the sign of a great fight if your guild walks away better than it was before killing that boss.

I don't expect ANY guild to just waltz in and take out tanks in 16man. Even though we had some pulls where people leaped to the boss before we were all ready, or people being AFK when we pull.. we still put our share of attempts in :P

It just sucks that you literally can't have ANY one die during the fight or have anyone wasting valuable DPS time. It may be overtuned but I believe that all content should be shaped this way. As you heard in our kill, we were all pumped. I don't think we have ever been that excited for a kill before.

Also for those doing 8man but watching the video:

We had ~5 DPS doing 2k+ during tank phases, with overally DPS (including shields) being ~1700-1800 per. As a Merc, doing 2100-2200 DPS during tank phases was my limit. Yes, with everyone doing that DPS we still managed to hit enrage. Welcome to 16man.
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