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11.30.2012 , 11:42 AM | #3
Hey Nochance,

A few of us are still here playing the game everyday actually. It's been Empire lowbie pvp for fun recently though - Republic pug PvP at 50 is too painful to play.

As for Rateds, we stopped playing in August, but have discussed over the last month playing again.

If you search on Imp side after 4pm EST you should find a few of us for Teamspeak info (unless you still have it, it's the same as before). We'll give you an update. Search:

Kharn -> Kharnz
Tide -> Tidexy, Tidecupiscence, JellyTide
Raph/Jel -> Kosmo, Xyly

I'll log into my Guardian as well tonight to see if youre on.
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