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11.30.2012 , 11:32 AM | #13
Another problem is when you do WZs with pugs a lot of them prefer to just run around trying to kill people & increase their kill stats & dps stats that they see at the end. Also if they are a pug they tend not to care what other people think/say or they would probably be in a guild by level 50. This is not true for all un-guilded 50s but it is true for some. Also it seems some people don't even read chat which confuses me on why they are playing an MMO. Cause in MMOs you gotta work with our people hence "Mass Multi-Player"

Lastly part of the problem is explained in the below very common sayings:

1.) Good help is hard to find in almost any facet of life.

2.) The only problem with common sense = it is not very common.