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"No evidence I can present on the contrary?" Listen; I'm not downplaying her ability in the force. Not at all. I would agree that (due to sever force) that she could likely beat Revan one-on-one.

This is my argument in this scenario: Traya has one shuttle vs Revan and a thousand hammerheads. Not only that, but he is likely building hammerheads due to the endless amount of loot he could accumulate because the rest of the known galaxy is up for grabs.

For argument's sake, I'll agree with you that Traya and her assassin's can board a Republic ship. Now what? There is no chance that they could take out a THOUSAND of Revan's ships before they were killed. Does Revan need to fight Traya one-on-one to do this? No. Here's what happens:

One of Revan's ships is being taken over by the assassins and then someone turns on the alarm. At that second Revan know's one of his ships. What does he do? He blasts it to peices. Traya and her assassins are all dead.

I suppose you'll argue that Traya and her assassins will sneak onto several ships before they reveal themselves. The same thing happen's here. Somebody pulls the alarm and Revan shoot's them down.

How many assassins could you fit in a shuttle? If you are REALLY stuffing it, I imagine you could fit thirty. What happens if each of these assassins are able to successfully infiltrate a ship? Same thing happens. They get shot down. Revan has them so vastly outnumbered. Not only that, but he's a great stratigist. You'll argue that Revan doesn't know what he's doing, but he's used some mass-deceptions of his own. Canderous Ordo says it himself that as soon as Revan joined the war, he started using mass-deceptions. The guy canonically knows this stuff.

What is it that I've said here that leads you to believe I'm ilogical as you've implied?
Step 1. Fill a shuttle full of Sith Assassins
Step 2. Exploit a straggler ship, begin doing as what happened aboard the Harbinger and start injuring crew, cutting them down to half-shifts, basically allowing the assassins more freedom of movement.
Step 3. Bring more assassins.
Step 4. Wait for the inevitable inter-fleet travel in order to perforate the assassins throughout the fleet and find their way to Revan's ship, bringing Kreia along who is no amateur to sneaking around.
Step 5. Assassinate Revan. What's the rest of the fleet going to do, send boarding parties? Against an invisible enemy and someone who could dispatch her own assassins with a four-second fade-to-black screen?

There is no strategy to confront what you are not aware of. And the knowledge that there are assassins is useless if you have no way to counter them. Aboard the Harbinger with one apparent Sith Lord in a tank, even when knowing Sith were aboard the ship, the Republic forces could do nothing to stop the slaughter that was to come. Very much the same scenario here because the fleet would not fire aboard Revan's ship. However, if the did, for some reason, then you would have your tie

Or perhaps the assassins are a diversion aboard the other ships, raising red flags and alarms everywhere, mass chaos, panic, allowing for Traya to subtly sneak into Revan's ship, assassinating him and then leaving. She's quite good at sneaking around, using words in order to get large results, but when the end result is to kill Revan... as you've admitted he is quite vulnerable to her... well... lol.